The case for pensions

The Case for Pensions

24 May 2016

Increasingly complex but still with significant potential

Weekly Wrap: Fed Rate Rise June

Weekly Wrap: Chances of a Fed rate hike at June meeting increase

20 May 2016

At the beginning of the week, the market-implied probability of a rate hike at the Federal Reserve’s next rate setting meeting held from 14th to 15th June stood at a mere 4%. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Weekly Wrap: Bank of England Takes Centre-Stage

13 May 2016

Much as we expected, in a week heavy with economic data centre-stage has been taken by the Bank of England (BoE). Read More...

Jon Chitty

Weekly Wrap: Non-Farm payrolls paint disappointing picture

06 May 2016

The first week of the month is usually dominated by the US Department of Labour’s estimate of changes to Non-Farm payrolls, and this week is no exception. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: Japan – reactions and expectations

Weekly Wrap: Japan – reactions and expectations

29 April 2016

The Federal Open Market Committee’s decision to keep interest rates onhold on Wednesday evening was a near certainty, and consequently had little to no market impact. Read More...

Jonathan Chitty

Weekly Wrap: Treasury joins UK referendum debate

22 April 2016

The Treasury this week released a 201-page report outlining the pros and cons of potential alternate relationships we could have with Europe in a post ‘Brexit’ world. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: A Sisyphean task?

15 April 2016

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was forced to push a boulder up a hill only to see it roll back down, repeating this action for all eternity. Read More...

IQ April 2016

IQ April 2016

13 April 2016

Growth in global economic activity and trade is slowing, inflation is weak and the policy stance of the world’s major central banks remains exceptionally accommodative. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: Post Fed Market Reaction Limited to US

24 March 2016

The inter-connectedness of global financial markets means that they essentially sail on the same sea. Not so the post-Fed market reaction, which appeared mainly limited to the US. Read More...

Budget 2016

Focus on UK Budget

18 March 2016

This week saw Mr Osborne’s third Budget within the space of a year, even if you disregard the quasi-budget measures announced in November’s Autumn Statement. Read More...