Weekly Wrap: The Calm After the Storm

29 January 2016

The past week has been very significant for global financial markets. It has ushered in a degree of calm after the wild, unpredictable volatility that erupted as 2016 dawned. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: The prospect of change – over there and over here

11 September 2015

For those hoping last Friday’s US jobs data would provide a conclusive guide to the Fed’s upcoming rate hike decision, the release was a disappointment. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: Global Markets Rebound Quickly from Chinese Black Monday

28 August 2015

Worrying signs for investment and wealth managers that have been coming out of China over the last couple of weeks came to ahead on Monday. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: 11 Years on Nasdaq for Google

21 August 2015

Interesting fact for the week, Wednesday, 19 August 2004 saw the beginning of Google Inc. stock being sold on the Nasdaq Stock Market with an initial price of $85. Read More...

Weekly Wrap: The Impact of Super Thursday on Investors

07 August 2015

As you would imagine this week’s recap from our Investment Policy Committee covers the first ever “Super Thursday” from the Bank of England. Read More...

Kevin Doran, CIO, Brown Shipley

How close is Europe to the deflationary conditions endured by Japan?

12 January 2015

CIO Kevin Doran compares the two economies.

Alex Brandreth | Brown Shipley Wealth Management Manchester

Can't see the Woodford the trees?

04 July 2014

We have a lot of time for Woodford and think he is a good fund manager but we're going to bide our time. Read More...

Kevin Doran, Chief Investment Office, Brown Shipley UK Private Bank

Emerging market bonds for yield and diversification

29 May 2014

Over the past couple decades, the source of international financial crises has swung like a pendulum from emerging markets to developed ones. Read More...

Simon Nicholas

A second dawn in the land of the rising sun

31 March 2014

A second dawn in the land of the rising sun - have we entered "the doldrums" in the Sea of Japan? Most definitely not..... Read More...

Simon Nicholas

Change in Japan

04 February 2014

"Love it or hate it but don't overlook Japan in 2014" Read More...