Jon Chitty

Trump Vs Abe: What didn’t happen!

17 February 2017

This week our Investment Analyst Jon Chitty takes a look at Trump vs. Abe - What didn't happen! and UK inflation, at its highest since 2014. Read More...

Fixing our broken housing market

10 February 2017

This week Investment Analyst Jon Chitty takes a look at the UK's housing market and the build up to the French presidential elections. Read More...

Jon Chitty

‘Fake Tears’ and The Dismissal of the Attorney General

03 February 2017

This week Investment Analyst Jon Chitty takes a look at Trumps travel ban, ‘Fake Tears’ and the dismissal of the Attorney General. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Trump's First Week in Office

27 January 2017

It’s no surprise to see that Donald Trump’s first week in the new job has dominated headlines over the past seven days. Read the latest from Investment Analyst Jon Chitty Read More...

Enterprising Investments and Venture Capital Trusts

Enterprising Investments and Venture Capital Trusts

20 January 2017

This is the time of year when clients make pension contributions. So, what other tax efficient investments are there to consider? Read More...

Jon Chitty

Theresa May Outlines UK Brexit Strategy

20 January 2017

Theresa May's much awaited speech outlining the government’s strategy for exiting the EU earlier this week didn’t tell us much beyond what we already knew. Read More...


IQ January 2017

19 January 2017

In this latest edition of IQ we provide our regular considered view of the macro economic outlook for UK and global markets, and what this outlook means for investors. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Trump hosts a remarkable press conference

13 January 2017

In a week that saw many global equity indices pushing to new record highs, the most colourful headlines came from the United States. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Financial Markets Make a Solid Start to 2017

06 January 2017

Financial markets made a solid start to 2017, with major global indices breaking new all-time highs in many cases. Read the latest from our Investment Analyst Jon Chitty. Read More...

Jon Chitty

The US and the Effects on Financial Markets

16 December 2016

Investment analyst Jon Chitty takes a look at rising US interest rates, a strengthening dollar and the effect this might have on financial markets. Read More...