Jon Chitty

All Things Political in the UK, US and Brazil

19 May 2017

This week our Investment Analyst Jon Chitty takes at look at UK party manifestos and political risk in the US and Brazil. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Labour Manifesto Leaked

12 May 2017

In a move apparently against the wishes of Jeremy Corbyn and his team, a 43 page draft of the Labour Party manifesto was leaked this week. Read More...

Rebecca Williams

Navigating your way through BPR, EIS and Aim investments

05 May 2017

Inheritance tax planning: how to best position yourself for the future? Rebecca Williams, Client Director at Brown Shipley, explains more. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Theresa May and UK Local Elections

05 May 2017

Theresa May's and UK local elections is the topic of discussion this week. Read more from our Investment Analyst Jon Chitty in this week's update. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Allez Macron!

28 April 2017

Last Friday we were faced with a French presidential election where four candidates could conceivably emerge victorious. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Government calls snap election

21 April 2017

Theresa May calls snap election after stating that there was ‘no need’ for voters to return to voting booths in the wake of David Cameron’s resignation. Read More...

Jon Chitty

The Turkish Referendum: A slide in to autocracy?

10 April 2017

Turkish voters head to the polls to vote on a series of changes to the Turkish constitution that some see as the most significant event since the country’s formation. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Trump Fails to Reach a Deal on Obamacare

31 March 2017

As we left our desks last Friday all attention was on whether or not Donald Trump would be able to follow through with his promise to repeal The Affordable Care Act. Read More...

Article 50

Article 50 - Mapping The Road Ahead

29 March 2017

Wednesday 29 March represents a historic event for the UK - the signing of Article 50. However, it is not exactly a shock event for financial markets. Read More...

Jon Chitty

Republican support for Trump called in to question

24 March 2017

The big news driving markets this week has been Donald Trump’s apparent impotence in repealing ‘Obamacare’. Read More...