The Market Consequences of the UK General Election

09 June 2017

To say that the UK faces an enormous challenge ahead is something of an understatement. Read More...


Brexit Revisited?

07 June 2017

How the election outcome might affect markets

Rebecca Williams

Navigating your way through BPR, EIS and Aim investments

05 May 2017

Inheritance tax planning: how to best position yourself for the future? Rebecca Williams, Client Director at Brown Shipley, explains more. Read More...

Budget 2017

UK Budget Summary

10 March 2017

Wednesday’s Budget was Mr Hammond’s first – and last – Spring Budget. From now on Budgets will take place in Autumn and there will be a financial statement each Spring. Read More...

Enterprising Investments and Venture Capital Trusts

Enterprising Investments and Venture Capital Trusts

20 January 2017

This is the time of year when clients make pension contributions. So, what other tax efficient investments are there to consider? Read More...


IQ January 2017

19 January 2017

In this latest edition of IQ we provide our regular considered view of the macro economic outlook for UK and global markets, and what this outlook means for investors. Read More...

IQ October 2016

IQ October 2016

25 October 2016

The low yield environment that we are currently experiencing presents significant challenges for investors and wealth managers. Read More...

The FTSE at 7,000 - Is it different this time?

The FTSE at 7,000 - Is it different this time?

07 October 2016

In the build up to the Brexit vote, with the FTSE 100 at around 6,300, investment banks were largely predicting a doomsday scenario in the event of a leave vote. Read More...

Alex Brandreth

Weekly Wrap: “trying to light a fire in a swamp”.

16 September 2016

Alex Brandreth looks at central bank decisions...

Jon Chitty

Weekly Wrap: Central banks continue to dominate headlines

09 September 2016

ECB disappoints investors expecting further monetary easing…