Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

27 March 2018

Gender Pay Gap

Brown Shipley is a wealth management provider, offering clients informed financial advice and tailored services on all aspects of wealth planning, investment management and lending. We are a long established business and we recognise that we will best meet the diverse needs of our clients by employing a skilled and diverse workforce.

We have long since adopted a professional approach to equal pay and diversity and we are confident that men and women in our organisation are paid equally for doing similar jobs.

We do have a gender pay gap and we would be concerned if there was no clear reason for it, but we know that in common with much of the financial services industry, our gender pay gap is a result of the roles men and women hold within the organisation and the salaries that those roles attract.

Women are less present in the most senior and more highly paid roles, but we will not accept the status quo.

We are already taking steps to reduce the gap as detailed later in this report, which can be found below, though we recognise that this will take time. There is complete commitment to achieving this at senior management level both in Brown Shipley and in our parent company, KBL epb.

David Rough