Passive Model Portfolio Service

Our passive model portfolio service launched in 2015 on the Novia platform. The service has since been expanded on to the Ascentric platform. The passive model portfolios follow the same Brown Shipley active asset allocation strategy, but they contain ETFs and unit trusts where a fund manager passively follows a specific index by buying and selling the shares within it. Due to the fact that the portfolio are invested in index tracking vehicles the fees tend to be lower.

Our model portfolios combine the Brown Shipley actively managed asset allocation strategy with passive fund managers. Each portfolio’s exposure to equities varies from portfolio to portfolio, dependant on the risk profile of each one. Click on the factsheets links for more information on asset allocation, performance and objectives for each of our model portfolios.

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Distribution Technology (“DT”) has reviewed and profiled a range of investment portfolios offered by Brown Shipley within the risk profiles used on the DT Dynamic Planner® platform.  The main objective of the DT risk profiles and fund risk profiling service is to provide financial advisers and their clients with a meaningful measure of the long-term investment risk of fund strategies and a mechanism for selecting funds appropriate for investor risk appetites and capacity for risk.