Pension Solutions

Brown Shipley is a leading UK provider of self invested personal pensions and small self-administered schemes.

Pension SolutionsOur pension solutions include:

  • Bespoke self-invested personal pension and small self administered schemes
  • Scheme documentation, valuations and reports
  • Investment advice and administration
  • Integrated scheme banking

Are you in control of your pension fund?

We believe clients with sizeable pension funds should be in control of their pension assets. Member-directed pensions (such as a self-invested personal pensions) can be a most effective way of achieving this whilst making retirement provision. For directors of limited companies it may be beneficial to consider a slightly different pension vehicle - a s small self-administered schemes. Brown Shipley provides specialist wealth management advice to ensure you have the most suitable arrangement.

Control means that the key decisions are made by you and not a third party or an insurance company. This includes investment choices (see below), ease of tax planning, retirement options and planning for death.

Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes

A Brown Shipley small self-administered scheme is tailor-made for you and your limited company. We provide all the administration involved in setting up and running a small self-administered scheme, through our in-house specialist team. There are no short cuts to this expert professional advice.

The Brown Shipley Pension Portfolio (BSPP)

The BSPP is a personal pension designed for clients with a fund value of at least £500,000 and where a SIPP is the most suitable choice. We provide pension transfer advice in respect of your existing schemes and all the necessary administration.

Investment freedom

These pensions offer considerable investment choices and a real say in the strategy of your fund. We provide intelligent advice on the range of investment options available. This includes investing in direct equities, collectives, bonds, gilts and cash.

Subject to limits and rules, small self-administered schemes have further investment choices including:

  • Loans to the sponsoring company
  • Commercial property, that can be leased back to the sponsoring company or a third party

Checklist - do you know...

  • Where your fund is invested?
  • Who is managing the assets and how the fund is performing?
  • What charges you are incurring?
  • What options there are for contributions and on retirement?
  • What happens to your fund on death?

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