Model Portfolio Service

We have been successfully managing volatility / risk adjusted model portfolios for IFAs on platforms since June 2010. Since then we have demonstrated benchmark-beating performance since launch*. At its core this discretionary managed service allows you to outsource your investment management whilst still retaining client ownership. The benefits of our model portfolio service include:

  • Cost effective, active and passive solutions
  • Ease of switching from one risk graded portfolio to another
  • The client has their own portfolio, rather than a ‘pooled’ fund. This means if part of the portfolio needs to be changed it can be done easily without impacting the rest of the portfolio
  • Ten risk graded models which move from ‘Cautious’ to ‘Equity Aggressive’, as well as two dedicated ‘Income’ portfolios
  • Personalised valuations for your clients which include transactions and income as well as access to online reporting for each platform
  • Research conducted by Brown Shipley analysts
  • Easy Capital Gains reporting

Our risk rated three to eight and the two income model portfolios have attained risk profile ratings from Distribution Technology.

All our model portfolios are managed according to the Brown Shipley investment process, ensuring that we conduct extensive research to identify the best fund managers across the UK and Europe. We recognise the need to provide financial planners with a range of platforms to access this service so we have partnered with some of the UK’s award winning platforms, listed below.

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Distribution Technology (“DT”) has reviewed and profiled a range of investment portfolios offered by Brown Shipley within the risk profiles used on the DT Dynamic Planner® platform.  The main objective of the DT risk profiles and fund risk profiling service is to provide financial advisers and their clients with a meaningful measure of the long-term investment risk of fund strategies and a mechanism for selecting funds appropriate for investor risk appetites and capacity for risk.

Defaqto is an independent researcher of financial products, focused on providing intelligence to support better decision making. Learn more about Defaqto Star Ratings by visiting

* Source: Financial Express. Model Portfolios 1 to 10 launched 1 June 2010, Model Portfolios Income 1 and Income launched 11 July 2011