SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund

The aim of the SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund is to offer investors a “Risk Conscious Route to Income”.

Launched – July 1995
Fund size: £53.73m at 31 August 2017
Ongoing Fund Charge: A Acc and A Inc Share Class 1.04%
Payment dates – Last day of February, 31 May, 31 August, 30 November
Latest fund prices
Distribution Yield – 2.33%
Underlying Yield – 1.22%
Latest fund prices

Ongoing Fund Charge figure is annualised based on the expenses incurred during the period 01/01/16 to 31/12/16. 

SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund Commentary 31 August 2017 

August proved to be a month of brinksmanship. It began with North Korea threatening to fire missiles near the US territory of Guam. In typical Trump fashion he responded with the promise of ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’ if North Korea did fire the missiles. The rhetoric continued to build and although in the end North Korea decided to fire its ballistics in the other direction geopolitical tensions remain heightened. Over the month the VIX index (a measure of equity market volatility) ranged from lows below 10% to highs of above 16%, the highest level since Trump was elected in November 2016*. Higher volatility is associated with higher risk and uncertainty. As such bond credit spreads widened slightly over the month. On the other hand government bond yields fell – the 10 year gilt yield fell from 1.23% to 1.03% over the month as investors moved to safe haven assets. Overall these moves meant corporate bonds delivered a positive performance over the month, although they did underperform government bonds. Our shorter duration position held back performance, however this was somewhat mitigated by our current positioning in high rated, liquid credit and allocation to government and supranational securities. .

Source: *Bloomberg

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Matthew Brennan

Competitive income in a risk conscious manner - our discussions with investors tells us that this is what they want. We never forget just whose money it is.

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