SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund

The aim of the SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund is to offer investors a “Risk Conscious Route to Income”.

Launched – July 1995
Fund size: £43.58m at 31 January 2018
Ongoing Fund Charge: A Acc and A Inc Share Class 1.04%
Payment dates – Last day of February, 31 May, 31 August, 30 November
Latest fund prices
Distribution Yield – 3.12%
Underlying Yield – 2.01%
Latest fund prices

Ongoing Fund Charge figure is annualised based on the expenses incurred during the period 01/01/16 to 31/12/16. 

SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund Commentary 31 January 2018

The first month of 2018 was a challenging one for fixed income, both globally and in the UK. The yield on 10-year UK gilts increased by 32 basis points to 1.51%, the highest level since January 2017 which was the peak of the Trump-induced rates move. Both US 10-year Treasury yields and German 10-year bund yields rose by similar amounts, by 30 basis points and 27 basis points respectively.* This represents a clear trend of globally rising rates, with UK and European yields now following the upwards trend set by US Treasuries which began in September.

Despite these large rates moves, the SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund managed to return a marginally positive performance in January, up by 0.1%.* This puts it in the top performance quartile of Sterling Corporate funds in the corresponding IA Sector.**

The positive performance was aided by the fund’s credit positioning, with credit spread tightening compensating for the interest rate losses. On average sterling credit spreads tightened by 13 basis points during January.* In particular the fund’s exposure to subordinated financial bonds was a strong positive driver. The fund’s below sector average duration aided the fund’s relative performance versus peers.

*Source: Bloomberg.

**Source: Trustnet

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