SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund

The aim of the SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund is to offer investors a “Risk Conscious Route to Income”.

Launched – July 1995
Fund size: £57.58m at 30 June 2017
Ongoing Fund Charge: A Acc and A Inc Share Class 1.04%
Payment dates – Last day of February, 31 May, 31 August, 30 November
Latest fund prices
Distribution Yield – 2.30%
Underlying Yield – 1.26%
Latest fund prices

Ongoing Fund Charge figure is annualised based on the expenses incurred during the period 01/01/16 to 31/12/16. 

SVS Brown Shipley Sterling Bond Fund Commentary 30 June 2017 

The UK electorate once again put two fingers up to the establishment as the Tories were returned into government without a majority and must now rely on the support of the DUP, the largest party (by seats) in Northern Ireland. This creates a great deal of uncertainty as history shows us minority governments very rarely stay in power for long. It also weakens May’s mandate and we are likely to see a government punctuated by U-turns and infighting, indeed the current backlash regarding the public pay cap and the deal struck with the DUP is a sign of things to come. Indeed after the election results, the markets moved in a way we expected, sterling weakened and gilt yields moved lower. However credit spreads continued to move tighter, perhaps due to the international nature of the sterling corporate market. Towards the end of the month the bond markets did an about-turn, ten-year gilt yields increased by 0.33% to 1.26%, up from 0.93% on the 14th June*. Sterling rallied by 3% over the same time period. These moves can be attributed to a change in tact from the Bank of England – following a surprise 5-3 vote to keep interest rates at 0.25% (the surprise being three MPC members voted for a rise) and comments made by several members in the weeks following the meeting (Carney, Saunders, Haldane and McCafferty) indicating that a rate increase is now on the table. The fund remains short duration and should perform relatively well if expectations of higher rates continue to grow. Source: *Bloomberg

Matthew Brennan, Fund Manager

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Matthew Brennan

Competitive income in a risk conscious manner - our discussions with investors tells us that this is what they want. We never forget just whose money it is.

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