The Investment Process

Your investment manager ensures a mutual and proper understanding of your needs to enable us to develop a fully-fledged wealth and investment management plan.

We go through an assessment of your investment preferences, personal circumstances, short and longer term objectives, and your appetite for taking risk to provide a bespoke private banking service. Once complete we will help you to select the investment option that is most suitable for you. The Investment Mandate enables us to create a portfolio that will meet your objectives.
We will select the optimum mix of investments (asset classes and stocks). These will form a wholly bespoke portfolio. When you transfer the investment monies (or assets), you will be able to do so in complete confidence that your investments will be managed in line with everything that has been agreed

Investment Research

At Brown Shipley, the Research & Asset Management department oversees everything from asset allocation models to the approval of individual stocks, external funds, structured products and bonds. The department provides a focus for all incoming economic data, research and analysis so that our investment recommendations have a sound and consistent underpinning.
This does not mean that the department takes individual investment decisions. Far from it. Like the asset allocations that form the basis for a portfolio, the constituent parts and individual security selections within a portfolio are put together by the investment manager who is also your main contact. The investment manager’s role is to translate your objectives and risk appetite into a coherent portfolio following the recommendations of the Research & Asset Management department.

Investment Administration

Comprehensive client accounting, documentation and portfolio valuations are an integral part of the service. BS Online provides information, valuations and downloads.

Keeping up to date

We need to keep the information you have given us completely up to date. It is therefore important that you tell us of any changes in circumstances that might affect your investment choices, particularly in relation to your financial circumstances, your appetite for risk, time horizon or income/capital priorities.

Nominee services

All Brown Shipley investments are held by our approved Nominee company or Custodian, in strict accordance with Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) rules. This does not alter your status as legal owner. The purpose is to facilitate prompt settlement and smooth administration for all our investment clients. The nominee service means all transactions can take place without delay because all paperwork including certificates are kept together in one place; we collect all dividend entitlements on your behalf, and prepare consolidated tax vouchers and, where appropriate, CGT reports for you. We will also receive all communication from the companies in which you are invested and thus be fully informed about corporate changes that might affect the investment.